Me, the entrepreneur

Co-founded my first company in Munich in 2011, sold it in 2013. Im working on Travel Homie now, the first travel agent via messenger. We will offer a remarkable and truly personalized user experience.

More about me

My main interest: the personalised web

Spinning new product ideas
for a personalised web

Modern solutions
built in responsive design

Perfect userflow
for converting the user

„Maximilian always works with superior creative outcome.“

said by Markus Dermietzel, Douglas

User Experience Design

With more than 12 years of experience in designing and building web interfaces I focus on the following key factors:

  • Mobile optimized frontends
  • Personalised experience for the user
  • Conversion driven design process

I’m your designer

Gamification is a must

I’m experienced in strong gamification concepts causing more user activity and a better conversion (that’s the most important part, isn’t it?).

  • Drives conversion for the main action
  • Causes a higher reveral and retention rate
  • Makes your users love your brand

Your users find the perfect solution

A brand won’t find the perfect design. I always relied on building products fast and let the users test the interface.

  • Use A/B testing
  • Good conversion > good looking
  • Use the crowd to perfect your product
Let's talk about tests

They were happy

In the last years I worked for a lot of great brands. Some are listed below. They loved it.

„We will definitely continue working together since Maximilian knows what is needed to build a successful company.“

said by Martin Riedel, enbreeze

Let’s get in touch. Now.

We should talk about your expectations and my experiences. We will find solutions to solve your challenges and make your product even better.

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